Encore Sound offers quality singing lessons which provide of students all ages, from very young to the young at heart with handy scales, vocal exercises and songs to improve their vocal technique and confidence.
We do everything from vocal techniques such as breathing, range, emotion, flexibility and control + more, to stage techniques such as microphone use, performance and movement techniques, even Music Technology with techniques such as musical production and live sound in our fully equipped professional studio and performance stage.

"I customise each lesson to accommodate the students wants, needs, age and experience."
For example, for the younger students, I provide a fun approach which will keep them interested yet informed!
For the 'star shooting' singers, I can guide these artists with songwriting and musical production of their originals, artist development and image, social media building and releasing music on iTunes, audition preparation, filming high quality YouTube videos, packages for agencies, even getting public gigs!

Whatever the student seeks to achieve out of a lesson they will at Encore Sound. If they are singing for the fun of it, the love of it or want to make a career out of it, their goals will be worked towards, there is never a dull moment during lessons!

Encore Sound also holds regular Open Mic afternoons for students to gain performance experience, confidence and work towards achieving their personal goals. There is also Concert Showcases for the end of year and other events.

Lessons run for 45minutes (unless otherwise discussed) and these are private lessons. Group lessons can be organised as in some cases I have had siblings or friends wanting to work together have been too shy to sing alone. We can discuss and best suit your tailored lesson to you!
A generalised lesson will typically begin with vocal warm ups, vocal exercises and whatever techniques applicable to your learning, as every technique focused on during lesson is unique for each individual. Students get to choose their own songs to keep them staying true to their musical interests, However I will guide them in the right direction to suit their voice, or choose their song if they wish.
Once students have nailed their songs we will recording this in our professional recording booth*, to mark progress as well as to show off their recordings to their family and friends of course! These recordings can also be used for social media, or agencies, or to get professional gigs!
*note: this is INCLUDED in the lesson price, you can find yourself spending hundreds on one recording at a recording studio.

Our sound barn not only has a fully equipped recording studio but also has an elevated stage with amazing sound and lighting to practice performance and microphone technique which we will practice on for upcoming performance preparation. As mentioned, the school also has regular Open Mics and yearly Showcase Concerts to improve confidence and performance experience!

We won't force our students to sing boring songs or learn things they aren't the slightest bit interested in, we cater to every students needs and wants, whether it be simply technique, original composition, song writing, performance, etc. The list goes on!
We ensure our students will go home motivated to practice and will look forward to returning each lesson as we create entertaining yet informative lessons that will keep even the youngest of kids interested.
Don't hesitate to make an enquiry using the contact form below or via the contact page!


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